martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013


Although there is not official info about the league’s composition for PES 2014, based on what PES 2013 brought and what we already know about the new game, the following is a close approach of the league’s composition of retrofootball.

- English League I (20 teams)
- French League (20 teams)
- Italian League I (20 teams)
- Dutch League  (18 teams)
- Spanish League I (20 teams)
- German League (20 teams)
- Brazilian League (20 teams)
- Argentinian League (20 teams)
- Others Europ (Not official number of teams)
- Others South America (20 teams)
- English League II (20/18 teams)
- Italian League II (20/18 teams)
- Spanish League II (20/18 teams)
- 2013-2014 Europe (20 teams)

Konami has told us that there’s gonna be 4 editable leagues and one them will served as Second Division for the Master League. I decided to use 2 of the three “first division” for two leagues between Spanish, English and Italian “II” and the other one will be used as Second Division for the ML. 
Nevertheless, I intend to make a version for all three leagues so they are all playable in ML with first and second division.
As for the National League Teams, and Specials modes, i’ll wait till the game is released so i can have a real knowledge of how is it composed.


This is a site for organising info about the retro mod for PES 2014.